North Point Ballito: Africa’s State-of-the-Art Logistics Hub

Ballito is fast emerging as a key position for logistics, offering a central location on KZN’s North Coast in close proximity to the airport.

An A1 location on the N2

There has never been a better time to invest in commercial property for logistics. With interest rates low, fuel cheap and a strong tailwind behind the export business, finding the right tactical locations will be a critical feature in serving the needs of tomorrow.

With major shifts in markets and consumer behaviour, the need for a versatile and multi-faceted address is the top priority in current investment decisions . Commercial land with some limitations is abundant. Finding the right combination of features is what matters.

North Point Ballito fills this gap, allowing businesses to direct a wide range of their operations from one place. With various pieces of commercial land and property now for sale, you have the opportunity to bundle up your business and have it all fully operational from this fantastic and centralised logistics hub within Ballito’s city limits.

A driving force on the N2

North Point Ballito is ideal for those looking for an all-in-one offering. Having all areas of the business within close proximity of each other cuts down time spent commuting, money on renting, and the stress involved with this. Large, medium and small-scale logistics companies now have an opportunity to develop commercial land according to their business’ needs while also having their own on-site, private warehouses for ultimate convenience. Alternatively, there are public warehouses on offer for ease of storage and access. Whichever you choose, your warehouse is a short distance from all activity as well as the thriving city of Ballito.

At North Point Ballito, logistics companies are spoilt for choice – from bonded storage for those in imports to self-storage for smaller companies, any option adds an element of convenience and assurance to your business that your goods are stored safely and with easy access. Similarly, if you are on the hunt for a distribution centre for the fast movement of goods, North Point Ballito can provide this kind of warehousing for you with the sale of commercial land.

Vacant land for sale and development – Convenience for your logistics company

Ballito used to be a sleepy beach town but has blossomed rapidly into one of Africa’s fastest growing wealth areas. With North Point Ballito, your logistics company could be positioned at the very centre with our various pieces of land for sale. Choose from 51 fully serviced sites across 380 000 square metres that will allow you to focus solely on the day-to-day running of your business.

The location of North Point Ballito makes it a highly attractive option for the successful operation of your business. It is:

  • Opposite Ballito’s New Town Centre
  • Within easy access to the N2 and the Simbithi and Shaka’s Head interchanges
  • Within direct access to the R102, both north and southbound
  • 15 minutes from King Shaka International Airport
  • 40 minutes from Durban Harbour
  • 90 minutes from Richards Bay

Why you should invest in North Point Ballito

With so many logistical issues standing in the way of many businesses’ success, North Point Ballito allows your business to thrive. Its many advantages aim to solely satisfy the desire to operate a business with as little logistical hassle as possible.

There is no compromise on what business in the modern age demands, either: North Point Ballito offers state-of-the-art, 24-hour perimeter security of an architecturally consistent estate, with vast expanses of indigenous, green land on offer. Additionally, your business will always run efficiently thanks to reticulated fibre-optic internet. Due to our very few zoning restrictions, North Point Ballito can cater to virtually any business of any size and industry. Paired with upgraded road infrastructure and a refurbished substation, North Point Ballito is a modern and sophisticated take on industrial operations. For a virtual glance at all our sites, have a look at our interactive map.

Furthermore, if you don’t already live on the North Coast, North Point Ballito makes a potential move a relatively easy decision. You will be able to strike the perfect balance if you choose to invest in our available land, with easy access to Ballito’s premium lifestyle communities, world-class schools, restaurants and entertainment.

Sites for businesses big & small

You will also have 100 000 economically active consumers within a 10km radius at your disposal with skilled and unskilled labour available for you to bring onboard. Combine all the above and you have a recipe for both a successful logistics business and a sustainable lifestyle.

The South African economy (although not in ideal shape in many ways) gives you the chance to set up something fantastic and we believe firmly in finding opportunity when there is downfall – a weak Rand, low interest rates and low fuel prices are potential catalysts to highly successful logistics and export businesses. All you need is a convenient place for your success to harbour, and that’s where North Point Ballito comes in.

Those interested in the following will undoubtedly find appeal in the industrial sites for sale at North Point Ballito:

  • Warehousing of various kinds
  • Truck depots
  • Imports and exports
  • Cold storage
  • Courier services
  • Self-storage
  • Logistics IT/Technical support
  • Truck repair

Adapting to a time of change

When challenges are presented to us as South Africans, we always seek out ways to be better and work around the issue so that we are not completely squashed by things out of our control. 2020’s challenge happened to come in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic, coupled with a downgrade in the country’s investment prospects to junk. These may be big, but we are bigger, which is why a concept such as North Point Ballito has arrived at such a prime time for you and your business.

The country, and indeed the world, has now seen a need to shift supply chain logistics as quickly as possible in order to be more streamlined and automated to deliver services and goods swiftly and efficiently. Although the move was already happening before Coronavirus, the pandemic has urged more and more businesses to become visible online as the majority of shoppers and interested consumers will now be turning to their computers and phones for information and purchasing. With this comes the demand for warehouses and distribution centres to be even closer to consumers – North Point Ballito is right on Ballito’s doorstep which is the perfect situation to meet the needs of Africa’s fastest growing and most affluent communities.

The pandemic also disrupted many service deliveries that were previously smooth sailing, leading to overwhelming backlogs and overcrowded warehouses that would have to hold stock until it was allowed to be moved. North Point Ballito and its superior storage and warehousing options allows businesses to be readily prepared if goods need to be stored for extended periods, with the added perks of being situated in an aesthetically pleasing estate that people and businesses in Ballito will grow to rely on. When times are uncertain, keeping the community at the centre of all business is extremely important and this is something we hold close to us.

Along with our community-centric ethos, we also take pride in our encouragement of Green Building practices in order to take our environment into consideration and conserve it as much as possible.

It is truly a happy circumstance when one manages to find the perfect situation for their business that also matches their personal needs and lifestyle – North Point Ballito is the marriage of both.

If you are an innovative forward-thinker with a desire to simplify, but at the same time amplify, your business, specifically in logistics, North Point Ballito may just be the stop you need to make on your road to success. For more information on what we have to offer, or if you are interested, please get in touch with us.

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It’s all about the right location.

Market shifts always mean new opportunities. The trends are clear: market position and location are going to be increasingly important in reaping the opportunities emerging today. North Point Ballito brings you a range of advantages:

  • You’re minutes from the airport
  • You have easy access to the N2, R102 and two international harbours (Durban Harbour 40 min, Richards Bay 90 min)
  • A location opposite Ballito’s New Town Centre
  • Upgraded roadways and electrical substation
  • A major pool of talented people within a close commute
  • The centre of a growing metropolis linking Umhlanga, La Lucia, Ballito and Tongaat

What North Point Ballito provides:

  • 24 hour surveillance and perimeter security
  • Engineered double-lane road network
  • Excellent visibility from the N2 & R102
  • Architectural consistency, ClearVu fencing and attractive urban landscaping
  • 51 serviced platforms covering 380,000sqm
  • 14ha of green and indigenous space

With flexible zoning, a wide range of site sizes and features to choose from and an affordable down payment to secure your spot, you’ll be part of a community of innovators in Ballito. Keen to know more? Drop your details below and arrange a site visit.

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