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Location is central to business success, which is why more than 30 investors have chosen North Point Ballito as the location on KZN’s North Coast for their businesses. 

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Welcome to the North Coast’s premier business park

North Point Ballito is a 380,000 square meter business park incorporating 58 serviced sites for almost any kind of business. Ranging in size from 3,000 to almost 100,000 square meters, the platforms are capable of hosting companies both big and small. If you’re looking for a prime location within Africa’s fastest growing wealth area to situate your business, look no further than North Point Ballito. 

Location, location, location. 

In a world becoming more digital by the day, one truth in business hasn’t changed. Location is becoming more, not less, important. 

The business environment is changing more rapidly than it has in decades. From digitisation and sanitisation to remote work and the supply chain crunch, there’s a lot of complexity to deal with. But as with all great business challenges come equal opportunities. According to the latest supply chain research, where a business is positioned on the map will have an increasing impact on future business success.

“The location is perfect, it’s halfway to everywhere,” said Jack Welch when launching the new GE Headquarters in New York. Great business leaders have always understood the importance of address – where you position your company determines how it is perceived, who it serves, the talent you attract and who you have as neighbours. It’s not just where you’re situated in the world, it’s the company you keep. 


The ultimate location, of course, varies from business to business. For importers and exporters, access to airports and harbours is essential. For retailers, showrooms and fulfilment centres close to key audiences are likely going to deliver an edge over the competition.

KZN’s coast with the most

There’s a major economic transformation underway on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast. What were once small holiday towns are today rapidly-growing urban centres. The launch of the King Shaka International Airport a decade ago has unlocked the region’s potential to become a key trade hub for the continent. The corridor stretching from Umhlanga to Ballito is the country’s fastest growing wealth area, and Ballito has emerged as its commercial capital.

The forward-thinking business park

North Point Ballito is situated between the N2 and R102 at the northern point of Ballito’s town limits. Comprising 58 serviced platforms across a 380,000m2, the project is focused on delivering what businesses need for success in the market of tomorrow. 

North Point Ballito’s natural advantages:

There were three reasons we chose NPB for our new national headquarters.

The first is the location. Ballito is a key market for Sunflex, and North Point Ballito’s proximity to the airport, city of Ballito and key arterial roads made sense for us.

The second is security. North Point Ballito’s position, infrastructure and approach to security is a step forward for our company.

Finally, the approach to community & a forward-thinking business environment provides innovators and entrepreneurs an environment where their ideas can thrive. 

Designed for trade, tech & logistics

In the master-planning phase, the design of the park was focused on the three sectors most likely to benefit from the location. The trade sector includes anything from wholesalers and retail showrooms to workshops, service centres and industry. Technology companies have the benefit of quality power from an upgraded substation, fibre-optic connectivity and excellent security. For logistics businesses, the park has wide internal roads with large turning circles, multiple routes to the four-lane exit, and easy access to the N2 North and South. Whether for import and export, warehousing, support services or local fulfillment, North Point Ballito delivers an exceptional tactical advantage.

“Our goal with North Point was to develop an environment for business to excel,” says James Hesse, who is leading the development on behalf of Cenprop Developments, master planners of the business park. “From the outset, we looked at the challenges businesses are facing today, and also considered how that might change in future. We’ve amended the plan, enhancing security and adding new features, as market conditions have evolved. By providing everything a business needs in one space, it minimises the distractions and allows the business operations to focus on what really matters. That approach has been behind our early success, and we’re confident that it will ultimately deliver a business community that stands apart.”

NPB welcomes Sunflex to the community

More than just an outstanding location in a growing economic corridor, North Point Ballito is the belief that a community of like-minded companies will naturally contribute to the success of their neighbours. Half of North Point Ballito’s 58 sites have been sold to investors who identified North Point Ballito’s exceptional potential for growth. Representing a diverse array of sectors and business concepts, they all share something in common: an entrepreneurial spirit and an aptitude for thought leadership.

“North Point Ballito was a natural choice for our North Coast centre of operations,” says Patrick Rostance, founder and managing director of Sunflex SA, who is currently building a factory and distribution centre on the site, “We considered a number of locations, but none of them had the foresight, the brand image or the tactical strengths that NPB does. Ultimately the decision was a simple one.”

Technology companies have the benefit of quality power from an upgraded substation, fibre-optic connectivity and excellent security. For logistics businesses, the park has wide internal roads with large turning circles, easy access to the N2 North & South, and multiple routes in and out of the area via the R102 and M4. 

Whether for import and export, warehousing, support services or local fulfillment, North Point Ballito delivers an exceptional tactical advantage.

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Security focused

The park’s already excellent security infrastructure has been reviewed and upgraded. Security features include an under-dug, ClearVu perimeter with 14-strand electric fencing, ClearVu fencing around every internal site, 24-hour guarding with monitored CCTV, and thermal imaging managed from a control centre. Reinforced roller doors at the front entrance will lock the park down when necessary. 

114 resort style apartments on site

 Bliss Ballito, the first residential neighbourhood within North Point Ballito, launched with exceptional success, selling all 114 apartments on the first day of sales. Bliss Ballito offers affordable resort-style living without compromising on the extras, offering a community clubhouse, pool, open parks and superb landscaping, with the peace-of-mind provided by North Point Ballito’s secure perimeter. 


Bliss Ballito adds a new dimension to NPB’s offering for businesses. The 114 households on site opens new opportunities for retail, wholesale, services and facilities. The apartments provide superb homes within a short distance of the office. The residential component shifts North Point Ballito’s focus towards a more integrated mixed-use urban area than only a business park.

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