Here’s the five reasons our investors chose NPB for their new business address. 

Welcome to the North Coast’s premier business park

North Point Ballito is a 380,000 square meter business park incorporating 58 serviced sites ranging from 3,000 to almost 100,000 square meters. The first 30 investors in the community have received transfer of their sites, and will begin building in Q4 2022. If you’re looking for a prime site for business on KZN’s fast growing North Coast, look no further than North Point Ballito.  

The power of a great location

Choosing a new location for a business, especially when building structures, is among the most critical decisions an owner will make. Beyond the financial outlay, it takes vision, confidence and a real belief in the power of the big idea to commit. The right location, as any management guru will tell you, is a major driving force behind future success, and being able to custom design the premises can be a powerful way to optimise your delivery.

We asked our investors to share the reasons they chose to invest in North Point Ballito. Here’s what they told us:


“We’re looking to the future, and where success will be five or ten years from now”

In changeable times, it’s positioning your business where things are going well is often the best choice you can make. For several of our investors, Ballito’s tactical position and continued growth and success were key to their decision. The current strength of demand for commercial and industrial spaces in the area means property prices have the potential for significant growth.

The ultimate location, of course, varies from business to business. For importers and exporters, access to airports and harbours is essential. For retailers, showrooms and fulfilment centres close to key audiences are likely going to deliver an edge over the competition.


“We wanted to be part of a business community.”

From the outset, North Point Ballito’s mission has been to create a community of forward-thinking businesses. How will this be achieved? Firstly, through a management association that puts decision making into the hands of the owners through representation and collective participation. Secondly, through the planning of the business park itself. North Point Ballito offers architectural consistency, 14ha of green space, pedestrian walkways, attractive landscaping and wide roads for ease of movement. Delivering a great experience and design appeal builds significant long-term value.  


“NPB offers a unique tactical advantage for our logistics.”

Logistics in Kwazulu-Natal has grown steadily along the primary route between Durban and Johannesburg in recent years, especially since the development of King Shaka International Airport. The area known in city planning terms as the Northern Growth Corridor, or the area stretching from Umhlanga to Stanger, has become one of Africa’s fastest growing wealth areas and a significant economic asset for and window to the continent. Ballito is fast becoming the commercial capital in the region, and a trading post for a host of industries and consumer groups. Located 40 minutes from Durban Harbour, 90 minutes from Richards Bay and 15 minutes from the airport, North Point Ballito is an exceptional tactical position for importers and exporters.

Set at the confluence of several routes in and out, the location is unlikely to be impacted when a single route is impeded, which means your business keeps moving.


“KwaDukuza municipality is meeting its mandate.”

Business goes smoothly when you’re not constantly having to worry about things you shouldn’t be. KwaDukuza Municipality has proven time and again to be among South Africa’s best, with a commitment to delivering on their mandate and a driving force behind the success of Ballito and the surrounds. North Point Ballito benefits from an upgraded substation at Imbonini, excellent quality roads in the vicinity, and excellent water and sanitation on site. 


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“North Point Ballito’s holistic approach to security made a lot of sense to us.”

Security is a key concern for virtually every business in KZN. North Point Ballito’s approach to the subject has evolved with the unrest experienced during 2021. The first line of defence is continuing the excellent work undertaken with local communities by businesses and government in Ballito and Salt Rock. 

Beyond community engagement, North Point Ballito has enhanced its security to include motion and heat sensors along the under-dug, 1,8m fence line, supplemented by 14 strand electric fencing.   Interior sites will have ClearVu perimeters, and the internal site is covered by CCTV from the monitoring centre at the gate house, with 24-hour guarding and patrols. 



“A simply unbeatable place to live and work.”

Both for management and staff, the quality of life enjoyed on KZN’s North Coast are difficult to beat. The region offers top schools, healthcare, shopping, dining and outdoor options. Situated on a key bus and taxi route, the business park will allow staff to alight at the entrance from multiple directions. A pool of talent at every level resides up and down the coast, and over 100,000 active consumers live within a 10km radius. 

North Point Ballito is highly visible to thousands of passing consumers each day along the N2 and R102. North Point Ballito will have 240 apartments in an adjacent district, offering both a captive audience and a space for owners and staff to call home. 

First thirty sites transferred to their new owners

The first 30 investors in North Point Ballito have now taken transfer of their site and construction is set to commence on several projects. Development focus has now moved to earthmoving and services on the larger platforms along the N2 and construction of the state-of-the-art gatehouse. 

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Keen to position your business alongside thought leaders on KZN’s North Coast? Rent and purchase options available. Leave your details below and we’ll be in touch. 

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