Is this the Best Tactical Investment you'll Ever Make?

Every so often an event comes along that turns the world on its head. In these times of uncertainty, commercial property investment is the last thing most of us are thinking about. But maybe it shouldn’t be?

The COVID-19 pandemic, like 9/11, is one of those events that feel like they split time in two: the world before coronavirus and the world after coronavirus.

By all accounts, there are some difficult months ahead. Things are probably going to get worse before they get better. But the South African government’s response has attracted international approval, and chances are brighter times aren’t too far off. If the past is a window to the future, there’s one thing we can all be certain of: South Africans will defy the odds and get people back together again, no matter how big the challenges seem. The opportunity for companies to contribute to that effort is emerging as we speak.

Vasbyt in the age of Coronavirus

The question we all need to be asking is ‘what does the future look like, and how do I make the most of right now?’ Here’s four trends that are going to shape the post-lockdown economy, and how North Point Ballito might be the ideal position for your business idea:

Community Focused Logistics

The supply chain will need to shift quickly to become more streamlined and more automated. With more shopping happening online and over the phone, fulfilment centres close to consumers will be an essential part of meeting future needs. North Point Ballito is right on Ballito’s doorstep – an ideal location to serve one of Africa’s fastest growing and most affluent communities.


Disruption leads to human movement. Downsizing, emigrating, holding possessions in place for some time – this will undoubtedly be part of the tomorrow economy. North Point Ballito is landscaped, greenscaped with indigenous plantation, branded and architecturally consistent. That makes for an ideal backdrop to a storage concept that people and businesses in Ballito are going to trust.


Epidemiologists generally agree that COVID-19 will be with us for some time. It will be up to governments and the market to keep outbreaks under control until a vaccine can be introduced, or until gradual immunity builds. That means cleaner workplaces, shopping venues, restaurants, factories, warehouses and schools. Got any bright ideas?


If social isolation has proven anything, it’s that social interaction is critical. Workers and students need collaboration. Kids need playtime. Technology companies are already stepping into the gap, whether by making spaces safe for people, breaking down the barriers around socialising remotely or providing the the information people need.

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It’s all about the right location.

Market shifts always mean new opportunities. The trends are clear: market position and location are going to be increasingly important in reaping the opportunities emerging today. North Point Ballito brings you a range of advantages:

  • You’re minutes from the airport
  • You have easy access to the N2, R102 and two international harbours (Durban Harbour 40 min, Richards Bay 90 min)
  • A location opposite Ballito’s New Town Centre
  • Upgraded roadways and electrical substation
  • A major pool of talented people within a close commute
  • The centre of a growing metropolis linking Umhlanga, La Lucia, Ballito and Tongaat

What North Point Ballito provides:

  • 24 hour surveillance and perimeter security
  • Engineered double-lane road network
  • Excellent visibility from the N2 & R102
  • Architectural consistency, ClearVu fencing and attractive urban landscaping
  • 51 serviced platforms covering 380,000sqm
  • 14ha of green and indigenous space

With flexible zoning, a wide range of site sizes and features to choose from and an affordable down payment to secure your spot, you’ll be part of a community of innovators in Ballito. Keen to know more? Drop your details below and arrange a site visit.

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