5 Unique Lessons To Learn From Mentally Strong Individuals

One should never assume that a person is ‘fine’ based on how they portray themselves. The wealthiest, toughest business moguls and entrepreneurs, like us, are human beings and sometimes don’t have it all together, despite their tough outer shells. These lessons may not seem obvious to you, but we’ve found that they’re common characteristics of the mentally strong.

Mentally Strong People Change Their Environment

When something’s not working and isn’t conducive to productivity or creativity, why not change it? This is what strong-willed, successful people are known to do. Mental strength isn’t about how long you can fight temptation or settling for an environment because changing it seems scarier and like more effort — it’s about changing what doesn’t suit you and doesn’t make you better. If your desk set up is giving you neck problems, change it. If your office environment stunts your creativity, add some indoor plants. If you get tempted by your phone throughout the day, put it on the other side of the room for a few hours. There’s a lot you can control and change to make your environment more comfortable and more conducive to productive days.

They Set Aside Time to Reflect

This is something we don’t do enough. How do we know how we’re doing in our career or life in general if we don’t take time to reflect and take stock? You may assume that mentally strong, successful business people don’t do this because they’re too busy building their empire. But don’t be fooled — this is an important element that contributes to their success. The driving force behind their success is their mindset, so they know it needs taking care of. They take time out of each day to reflect on mistakes, opportunities to pursue, or simply to think.

They Know When To Quit

Giving up and knowing when to quit are not the same thing. People often assume that those who work extremely long hours, push through the flu to meet a deadline or who never go anywhere without their laptop or work phone are mentally strong and 110% committed to their career and its success — this isn’t always the case. Those with admirable mental strength know when to quit despite impending criticism. When something isn’t in line with their goals or priorities, they know when to call it quits so that they can get back to focusing on what really matters to them.

They Ask for Help When They Need It

Unlike many old-fashioned notions about success, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Mentally strong people have the humility to admit that they don’t have all the answers and that the road to success is not a solo one. When they’re struggling with getting a business idea to launch or are battling with issues at home, they ask for help when they need it. They realise there is no shame in asking for help from others who have different skills and perspectives on offer.

They Embrace What They Feel

Believe it or not, strong and successful people are human beings with emotions, too, and won’t be able to hold it together all the time. Suppressing emotions is not a sign of strength — embracing and expressing them is. It actually takes more strength to acknowledge one’s emotions, even the uncomfortable ones. These people also have healthy coping mechanisms to deal with what they’re feeling and the best way to move forward.

What we’ve just described is the exact kind of business person we want to attract to North Point Ballito. We are excited to see our community of forward-thinking business people growing and invite anyone who shares these values to join us!

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