Why Trust in Leadership is
More Important Now Than Ever

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it, it’s nothing new to say that it changed the face of businesses across the country. We’re not talking about businesses moving online and becoming more automated or having to be ultra innovative just to survive — we’re talking about how the very essence and inner workings of businesses, mainly how they are led by the people who control operations, are now viewed differently. Things like motivation, benefits, and fair treatment are viewed as important but, now more than ever, it is trust that has become the most essential element of all. 

The Edelman Trust Barometer discovered that 77% of US respondents strongly or partially agree that large companies have been guilty of making a quick profit as of February; the May 2020 update signified that only 38% of global respondents believe that business is “doing well or very well” at putting people before profits. Furthermore, the millennial workforce’s beliefs that business “is a force for good” is in rapid decline, with only 51% believing that business can have a positive impact on the world we live in. Three years ago, this figure was at 76%. Under half of the millennial respondents feel that business is making a positive impact globally.

This draws the conclusion that the re-establishment of trust in businesses and their leaders is vital in a time such as today. As this Forbes article states, “trust is a tangible exchange of value, it is actionable and human across many dimensions” — without it, how do businesses expect to survive?

Trust in leadership and the overall operation of businesses is something many fail to acquire, often putting profits ahead of everything else. This is not a forward-thinking approach to success. The face of South African businesses has certainly changed since the pandemic hit. At North Point, it’s the businesses run by trustworthy leaders that have a place in our community. We are excited to see this community growing with only further growth anticipated thanks to their investment in a space that will guarantee success. For more information on our sites, visit our website, or get in touch.

Sites for
businesses big
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It’s all about the right location

Market shifts always mean new opportunities. The trends are clear: market position and location are going to increasingly important in reaping the opportunities emerging today. North Point Ballito brings you a range of advantages:

  1. You’re minutes from the airport
  2. You have easy access to the N2, R102 and two international harbours (Durban Harbour 40 minutes, Richards Bay 90 minutes)
  3. A location opposite Ballito’s New Town Centre
  4. Upgraded roadways and electrical substation
  5. A major pool of multi-talented people within a close commute
  6. The centre of a growing metropolis linking Umlhanga, La Lucia, Ballito and Tongaat
 What North Point Ballito provides
  • 24 hour surveillance and perimeter security
  • Engineered double-lane road network
  • Excellent visibility from the N2 & R102
  • Architectural consistency, ClearVu fencing and attractive urban landscaping
  • 51 serviced platforms covering 380,000sqm
  • 14ha of green and indigenous space

With flexible zoning, a wide range of site sizes and features to choose from and an affordable down payment to secure your spot, you’ll be part of a community of innovators in Ballito. Keen to know more? Drop your details below and arrange a site visit.

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