North Point Ballito: Focused on security

Because peace-of-mind is critical to be able to think forward clearly, North Point Ballito has enhanced security standards to ensure that your company is as safe as possible. 

How important is security to your business?

Security is a combination of factors. It’s never as simple as high fences and surveillance cameras alone. Often it’s the less obvious factors that make a larger contribution, like where the site is located. During the recent unrest that swept across KZN, Ballito fared comparatively well, with factories and warehousing adjacent to the NPB site 

A strong relationship with local communities

Much of the reason for Ballito’s good results during the crisis was the positive relationship the Ballito business community has fostered with surrounding communities. North Point Ballito board and management association will continue this work, engaging with stakeholders in the area to foster goodwill and mutual regard. 

State-of-the-art infrastructure


24 Hour guarding & patrols

Personnel on site at all times to deal with problems as and when they arise.


Comprehensive cctv

The business park has CCTV covering all public areas. 


under-dug clearvu fencing

The fencing is embedded one meter below terrain to prevent incursion.


Thermal imaging

A smart FLIR system highlights anyone in proximity to the perimeter. 

electric fence

14-strand electrified perimeter

The fence-line is further defended with a high voltage deterent.

reinforced gate

reinforced roller fence

The main entryway transforms from boom-gate to locked down in minutes.

Security intelligence

Security will be viewed as a holistic concern, with a clear strategy, consistent reviews and enhancement of standards  treated as an ongoing project. Investors in the park will be engaged and included in scenario planning.

Don’t miss the opportunity

North Point Ballito is 58 forward thinking companies in a well designed, architecturally consistent business park. With 14ha of green space, wide roads and excellent services, North Point Ballito is an ideal space for thought leaders in trade, tech and logistics.


Invest in a community of forward thinking businesses

Looking for somewhere to position your company? NPB offers an incredible tactical advantage to companies in  Tech, Trade & Logistics.

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