The five reasons our investors chose North Point Ballito

Here are reasons our investors chose NPB for their future success. 

In today’s unpredictable business environment, there are still some factors that you can depend on. The power of location for example. Even with the rise of cloud computing and e-commerce, choosing where you position your company has a major impact on whether your business is successful or not. There’s a good reason why the most expensive real estate on earth is found in urban centres like Manhattan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the West End of London, or why the distribution centres for FedEx and Amazon are selected by mathematicians and not executives.

At North Point Ballito, we asked the investors in our business park why they selected this community over other options along KZN’s North Coast. Here’s what they told us:


“As a logistics company, position is critical and the reason we invested.”

Ballito is quickly establishing itself as the commercial capital of KZN’s North Coast. We were looking for proximity to the airport and Durban Harbour, as well as a location with several routes in and out of the area. North Point Ballito is ideally located within Ballito, has direct access to both the N2 and R102 via three upgraded interchanges, and has several alternative routes should any one become blocked.

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“We were looking for a business community, not just a new location.”

With an investment in a regional headquarters, it was critical that we invested for the long-term, with neighbours that had a similar vision and outlook. North Point Ballito’s investors are innovators in a range of sectors, including food products, retail, light manufacturing, warehousing, IT and construction. We looked at several options up and down the coast. North Point Ballito’s  forward-thinking community made the decision simple for us.


“Recent unrest has made security of our business an increasing concern.”

Security is a complex issue. It’s not just the height of the fences or number of guards. What attracted us to North Point Ballito was the recent enhancements made to the infrastructure, but also the ethos of building relationships with local stakeholders and the holistic approach in place to ensure that the strategy changes with the times. 


“Our company depends on great talent and a large pool of potential customers.”

North Point Ballito delivers both. The business park is on key consumer routes, with great visibility from two major roads and thousands of passing vehicles. The proximity to Ballito and Salt Rock puts us at the nexus of one of Africa’s fastest growing wealth areas, and in easy reach of thousands of active consumers every day.   


“As a tech manufacturing company, we need world-class internet and electricity.” 

Additive manufacturing is a delicate sector to navigate. We need dependable, high quality power and lightning fast internet to serve our international client base. The upgraded substation on site, reticulated fibre-optics and excellent municipal track record sealed the deal for us. 

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