Following in the Footsteps of Warren Buffett:
Be bold when others are fearful

Now is not the time to be fearful; it’s time to be bold. With the economy is behaving the way it is, largely triggered by the worldwide pandemic, it is time for business leaders to take action and prioritise moving forward. In the words of Warren Buffet it’s time to “Be greedy when others are fearful”

Warren Buffett is seen as the business leader he is today by adopting this very mindset. Buffett has a keen and acute eye for spotting opportunities when others are struggling to look beyond their two feet, flailing when the economy takes hold over them and are unsure of where to turn next. Times are evolving at such a rapid rate so it’s important that investors are too. Investors should be recognising the economic potential of unique franchises, one prime opportunity being property investment in South Africa. Buffett’s gift is being able to think ahead of the crowd, to be a business leader it’s crucial you develop this same practice.

Sure, investing in a time of uncertainty can be scary. However, Buffet uses this baseball analogy to explain how doing your homework will better inform your decision. Buffet notes that you should only swing at a dozen or so pitches. Informing yourself and doing the legwork beforehand will ensure that the few swings you do take are marvellous hits. Let’s think about the lowered repo rate, for example, and how you can leverage this to make a property investment. Conducting a thorough risk analysis about investing during a time like now may help you into making that swing for the future success of your business.

“To be greedy when others are fearful is a valuable mindset that can reap substantial rewards for the investor” and we’d like to leave you with this thought to ponder upon. When others are fearful, it may present a good value buying opportunity that could take your business to new heights.

Get in touch with us at North Point Ballito to discuss why investing in a site, means investing in the future success of your business. Similar to Buffett, we are fostering a community of forward-thinking business people who are not fearful and share the same vision.

Sites for
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It’s all about the right location

Market shifts always mean new opportunities. The trends are clear: market position and location are going to increasingly important in reaping the opportunities emerging today. North Point Ballito brings you a range of advantages:

  1. You’re minutes from the airport
  2. You have easy access to the N2, R102 and two international harbours (Durban Harbour 40 minutes, Richards Bay 90 minutes)
  3. A location opposite Ballito’s New Town Centre
  4. Upgraded roadways and electrical substation
  5. A major pool of multi-talented people within a close commute
  6. The centre of a growing metropolis linking Umlhanga, La Lucia, Ballito and Tongaat
 What North Point Ballito provides
  • 24 hour surveillance and perimeter security
  • Engineered double-lane road network
  • Excellent visibility from the N2 & R102
  • Architectural consistency, ClearVu fencing and attractive urban landscaping
  • 51 serviced platforms covering 380,000sqm
  • 14ha of green and indigenous space

With flexible zoning, a wide range of site sizes and features to choose from and an affordable down payment to secure your spot, you’ll be part of a community of innovators in Ballito. Keen to know more? Drop your details below and arrange a site visit.

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