Bulk earthworks & civils changing the landscape

With Phase 2 of the site now underway, the site is being finalised for investors to begin construction.

Platforms and services now going in


The completion of the largest infrastructure project on the site, the entryway bridge, was completed in June this year, marking the end of the first phase in North Point Ballito’s development. The second phase is now well underway, which will see roadways and platforms transformed and the services on the site completed. 

Benefit from best-in-class services on every site 


Upgraded electrical power

The Imbonini substation was recently upgraded, ensuring delivery of consistent, high-quality power.


Reticulated fibre-optic internet

Every investor in North Point Ballito will enjoy state-of-the-art internet connectivity.


Outstanding water and sewer system

Services on site are world-class, and supported by the recently upgraded municipal infrastructure.


14ha of green space

A smart FLIR system highlights anyone in proximity to the perimeter. 


Exceptional security levels

Electrified perimeter, underdug ClearVu fencing, CCTV, 24-hour guards and much more. 

management association


Every investor in North Point Ballito will play a role in the management of the community. 


Wide internal roadways

Designed for trade, tech and logistics, the internal road system allows for quick entry and exit. 

Don’t miss the opportunity

North Point Ballito is 58 forward thinking companies in a well designed, architecturally consistent business park. With 14ha of green space, wide roads and excellent services, North Point Ballito is an ideal space for thought leaders in trade, tech and logistics.


Invest in a community of forward thinking businesses

Looking for somewhere to position your company? NPB offers an incredible tactical advantage to companies in  Tech, Trade & Logistics.

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